1. Sienna

    Hello Marcus! I really enjoy your songs! The first song I heard from you was “Two of a Time,” and after that, I was addicted! I love your music. I was initially drawn by your aesthetics, but stayed for the “indie-like” music you produced. Your music is beautiful, so calming, and I currently adore “A Silent Promenade”. The song reminds me of another, but I cannot pin point it as of right now! I hope these words mean something to you. As a listener, I truly enjoy seeing new songs released. However, I understand that not everyone keeps making music, and with that, I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do! :))

    1. Marcus Alexander Author

      Thank you so much Sienna! I’m very happy you like it, I will never stop making music, and these three new songs aren’t even half of the final album, one song will be coming each Sunday until the final release the 25th of March! 😀 So 4 more to go, and I hope you’ll enjoy them! Thank you for the kind words, and for being part of making my dreams come true.


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