Original lyrics for Silence written by Marcus Alexander.

Silence – Marcus Alexander

Hold, your breath and lend and ear, or wait for it to break

We, the witness and the difference of success and of mistake

With just the words unwritten, spoken of the quiet is a lie

You hold the answer but you’re too afraid to try


Take, my hand when no one sees, to hide the plainest sight

We, the mixture of a certainly uncertain oversight

Without a word admitted, spoken out, the quiet keeps it true

You think you’re running but I’m walking next to you


So give, it up and let me in, your walls are in my way

You, the story of the only one, “the one that got away”

With just the words unspoken, covered up, the quiet is your mask

You thought I’d never say, but you just had to ask


Now hold, it back and try to give, your honesty a way

We, defeated by this game for two, we never meant to play

With all the words conceded, written and the quiet left to bleed

Your broken silence is the only truth I need